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Justin Chung’s desk.

There is something nicely warm about this.

i like the look and feel, but i’d substitute different material for the desk, chair and a different cup and lamp

1:37am  Incheon Korea (by Nigel Cooper*)

number one destination on my to-travel list
The Master
Time Flies

Treasure Island, 8-17-2014.

but after i feel nostalgic about the days when i did travel, i see photos like these and i realize: i’m right where i want to be

Hong Kong | by 力FZ

sometimes i get the urge to travel again, like i used to with my parents (when i was still in school and had the time for such things). pictures like these make me reminisce about that feeling you get at night in a place youve never been to before

  10 Years of World of Warcraft

happy birthday! gimme mah corgi :3